The best decision I ever made

Specialdocs Consultants, LLC

The best decision I ever made was recently joining the concierge practice of Katarzyna Skura, MD. after my longtime physician retired. On my first physical Dr Skura went over my medical files with a fine tooth comb. We discussed all my medications and reasons for taking them and unlike other doctors treating seniors who layer on pills for one drug to counteract another, Dr. Skura carefully analyzed my real needs. When recently diagnosed with heart problem and need for heart valve replacement Dr Skura had lengthy talks with my cardiologist and cardiac surgeon and digested for me what “doctor to doctor” information she received and simplified for me information necessary to make decisions. She surprised me by coming to the hospital two hours before my surgery and stayed until they wheeled me into the operating room. She visited me in the hospital daily. I really feel like she quarterbacked the entire team responsible for my successful recovery.

In addition to medical problems, Dr. Skura is very proactive about preventing illness. Through her Artmedica practice, I now get B12 and B complex injections at the office lab and have had successful PRP treatments as well.

I would highly recommend Dr. Skura because I have been extremely impressed with her dedication to her patients and her very qualified background.


Merilee E.